Is Refusing To Date Trans People Transphobic?

According to The Times, the article was published at a time when the transgender community in the UK had already felt animosity from the BBC due to the release of a podcast by Stephen Nolan that investigated Stonewall. PinkNews said that the BBC is “regularly criticised for its coverage of trans people”. They also reported that the corporation had previously been described as “institutionally transphobic” in an open letter signed by 150 people, including 3 MPs. Considering most people’s conceptions of gender assign a set of genitals to each binary gender, genital “preferences” arguably socially taught as well.

Her blog also claimed that a paedophilic cult controlled the Western world and called George Floyd, an African-American man who had been murdered by a police officer, “an annoying piece of shit”. Cade later described transgender women as “vile, weak and disgusting” and referenced a white supremacist conspiracy theory. Consequently, the BBC removed all Cade-related content from the article. According to Lowbridge, the term “cotton ceiling” arose among trans people to describe difficulty in forming sexual relationships. The article states that several high-profile trans women had been contacted for the piece but that none of them had wanted to speak to Lowbridge. In place of interviews, the article summarised previously expressed views of two trans women YouTubers and poet Roz Kaveney on the topic of the cotton ceiling, including one YouTuber who had already deleted the quoted video.

According to PinkNews, McManus faced “resounding backlash” for the comparison, with Jones saying, “This is a BBC journalist comparing trans people to Jimmy Savile. Beyond belief, frankly.” Journalist Owen Jones called the article a “genuinely major journalistic scandal”. Transgender newsreader India Willoughby said it was “terrifying” for the BBC to “repeatedly you belong to a group who are a threat to public safety”. Craggs wrote for Attitude that the article was “public fear-mongering that conflated trans women with sexual predators”.

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We don’t expect cisgender people to actively seek out transgender partners. I’m not even saying you aren’t allowed to prefer dating other cisgender people. We simply hope that more cisgender people try unlearning the pattern of viewing transness as inherently undesirable. Of course, sometimes attraction fades after finding something out about another person, whether it be that they drink, they have certain opinions that are deal-breakers, or they don’t respect personal space.

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A lot of institutions, companies and organisations are terrified of being seen to be transphobic. Even the allegation, however baseless, that someone discriminates against others on the grounds of their gender can cause enormous harm to a reputation. Trans woman, model, and songwriter Ms SaHHara said that the action and statement of Ginuwine were not transphobic.

So it is normal for any full blooded heterosexual male to find an overtly feminine trans woman attractive, but hides it because he doesn’t want to be judged by society or labelled gay for finding a trans woman attractive. So it is normal for any full blooded heterosexual male to find an overtly feminine trans woman attractive, but hides it because he doesn’t want to be judged by society or labelled gay for finding a trans woman attractive. A 2018 Black Tryst prices study showed that only 1.8 percent of straight women and 3.3 percent of straight men would date a transgender person. A small minority of cisgender lesbians and gays (11.5 percent) would be willing. Bisexual/queer/nonbinary participants were most open to having a trans partner, but even among them, just a slim majority were open to dating a transgender person. To misgender someone is to refer to them as a gender with which they do not identify.

These things could be trivial to most until they experience them themselves. The problem is that after Tinder lifts a user’s ban, they can be reported again by other — or even the same — users. There is no system in place to prevent someone from being “wrongfully banned,” which results in an environment where trans people can, and reportedly are, being repeatedly banned.


Some women are considered too wealthy to apply for Legal Aid despite having their finances controlled by partners. In her essay, Rowling disclosed she was a survivor of domestic violence and, in her next breath, described her abstract unease at sharing a refuge with a hypothetical trans woman. She was assaulted by a familiar cisgender man, as are the vast majority of domestic violence victims.

Many people like J.K Rowling claim to support trans rights, but in the same extremely long-winded breath of a TERF apologetic essay, they explain their discomfort with trans people sharing women’s bathrooms. In addition to Veronica Ivy, I contacted several other high profile trans women who have either written or spoken about sex and relationships. None of them wanted to speak to me but my editors and I felt it was important to reflect some of their views in this piece. “I was told that homosexuality doesn’t exist and I owed it to my trans sisters to unlearn my ‘genital confusion’ so I can enjoy letting them penetrate me,” she wrote. Alphonso David, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation President, noted that in the United States, “at least 37 transgender and gender non-conforming people were victims of fatal violence” in 2020—far more than has been recorded in previous years.

“So being unwilling to date on the basis of someone being trans, rather than on the basis of individual stimuli is something I would personally call transphobic.” Ashley James shares kiss with Ginuwine.In my opinion, he is uneducated on what it means to be trans. India had the opportunity to engage and educate him on the subject in that scene, but she started playing the victim by getting angry and walking off the scene. Thus, missing a golden opportunity to change minds about our community. Which left the public and Ginuwine uneducated about why a cis man dating a trans woman doesn’t make him gay. Which is the common notion amongst men who unknowingly fall for a trans woman.

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Most men who are sexually active will eventually hear about PrEP. Trans women don’t need to trick heterosexual men into being sexual or romantic interests. That being said, many may attempt to hide their desire or get cold feet before a date.

Most people I tend to date have the mentality of “if I like you, I like you” which works with me really well. I’m not big with the physical aspect, and I don’t want to prohibit someone who does have that as a thing from having that. Is it cause you just aren’t that attracted to certain traits (assuming that that trait isn’t ‘being trans)?

I’ve had bad experiences and have been celibate for the past 16 months bc I have no interest in dealing with bullshit from men. Transgender women are banned from elite female races if they have been through any male puberty. FINA, the governing body, is creating an ‘open’ category for transgender swimmers. Some lesbians have also spoken out about the issue on social media platforms. Another woman who used the name Chloe told the BBC she felt so pressured she ended up having penetrative sex with a trans woman at university after repeatedly explaining she was not interested. Nearly half of respondents (47%) reported a history of sexual assault over the course of their lifetime.

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