flutter Android Gradle plugin requires Java 11 to run You are currently using Java 1.8, but i’m using java 11

Added the ability to create resource values through the DSL. Default only the default variant is published. To migrate you can either rename the folders or point the sourcesets to the old location. BuildConfig.VERSION_NAME is always generated even if the value is not set in the current variant.

latest android build tools

So you don’t miss any notifications after your phone has rebooted. Scoped storageAndroid limits broad access to shared storage for all apps running Android 11, so your info stays better protected. Permissions auto-resetIf you haven’t used an app in a while, you may not want it to keep accessing your data. So Android will reset permissions for your unused apps. You can always turn permissions back on. Connected work and personal appsConnect work and personal apps to get a combined view of your information in places like your calendar or your reminders.

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I just tried to upvote this answer but it turns out I already upvoted it last year! @Hong, they keep the old build tools because as they update the tools, some features become deprecated. But app developers might have source code that relies on those features so they keep the old versions available to support those old code bases. Just uninstall your version of android studio, go to their website, and install the latest version.

So you can get the apps you need when you need them. One-time permissionsGive one-time permissions to apps that need your mic, camera or location. The next time the app needs access, it must ask for permission again. Overview actionsOn Pixel devices1, you can easily copy, save and share info between many apps. BubblesPin conversations so they always appear on top of other apps and screens. So you can access the chat anytime or anywhere.

  • It’s a first-of-its-kind secure mobile environment that is isolated from the rest of the operating system and your apps.
  • Unresolved placeholder failure in manifest merger when building library test application.
  • Android Auto now works wirelessly4 with devices running Android 11.
  • Open it manually from the bundle you downloaded.

This should automatically update your java version to whatever your Flutter project requires. The only possible reason that I can think of is that some apps have to rely on older build components to build them. Google’s document mentions this, but does not explain why. Looking at the release notes, you will notice that updates of Android SDK Build-tools are primarily for fixing bugs or/add support for new platforms. These apps would not function normally without being built with these bugs.

Work profile enhancementsGet full privacy from IT on your work profile on company-owned devices. Plus new asset management features for IT to ensure security without visibility into personal usage. Solve issue with local jar when testing library projects. Add support for NDK prebuilts in library projects. Fixed issue where changes to the manifests of libraries didn’t trigger a new manifest merge. Dependency related issues now fail at build time rather than at debug time.

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Mute during camera captureDevelopers can use new APIs for apps to mute vibration from ringtones, alarms or notifications. Experience what Android 11 has to offer on devices made for the latest and greatest. The Android SDK location displayed in the Android SDK Location parameter must not contain any white spaces. White spaces might cause problems when working with Android NDK tools.

latest android build tools

LibraryVariant API now gives access to the list of flavors. The plugin now enforces that all library dependencies have a unique package name. Fix issue when parsing BOM in UTF8 encoded XML files. Fix issue where bad configuration could lead to no outputs on variants which would prevent evaluation of the project. Install task on 21+ devices now does a reinstall again.

So apps don’t get access to more data than they need. Resume on rebootPick up https://cryptominer.services/ right where you started. Apps run immediately after an update is installed.

Select and share just got easier.

Fix issue with missing custom namespace declaration in generated manifest. Fix issue with artifact depending on android.jar artifact on MavenCentral. Fix merging of the package attribute in the manifest.

It’s a first-of-its-kind secure mobile environment that is isolated from the rest of the operating system and your apps. Any information processed in Private Compute Core requires explicit user action before it can be shared with Google or any app or service. And like the rest of Android, the protections in Private Compute Core are open source and fully inspectable and verifiable by the security community.

latest android build tools

Android Auto now works wirelessly4 with devices running Android 11. Location access notificationsGet a new notification if your IT admin has turned on location services on your managed device. Schedule work profileEasily disconnect from work. With Android 11, you can now set a schedule to automatically turn your work profile on and off. ClockThe new bedtime feature in Clock helps you set a healthy sleep schedule. Track screen time at night and fall asleep to calming sounds.

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Fixed issue where embedding a micro app could add new permissions to the main app manifest. Test applications are now not using multi-dexing, unless they test a library project. Better fix for issue where embedding a micro app could add new permissions to the main app manifest. Added timeOut option to adbOptions to set the timeout when installing APKs on devices.

Android 11 Highlights

With Android 12, you can choose between giving apps access to your precise location or an approximate location instead. Even the widgets have been given a facelift, with your favorite people always available right there on your home screen. The sdkmanager tool is provided in the Android SDK Tools package (25.2.3 and higher) The Continuous Delivery Maturity Model and is located in android_sdk/tools/bin/. 1 Pixel phones will receive feature during the applicable Android update and support periods for the phone. Call screeningNew APIs to help screening apps better identify spam calls. Background locationGet more control over location sharing with apps that are not in use.

Camera support in EmulatorNow supports a fully functional camera HAL. Making it easier for developers to test apps using the latest Android camera2 APIs. With Android 11, you get even more security and privacy fixes sent to your phone from Google Play.

BuildConfig is now packaged in libraries. This requires that all your libraries have a unique package name. Aapt-based PNG processor is now default again while we investigate some issues with the old one. Exploded aar are extracted in a single location (under rootProject/build) to share across all modules using it.

You can edit the SDK location by clicking the Edit button. From your Android Studio application toolbar, click SDK Manager. One from before I started using the ADT Bundle.

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